Couples and Family Mediation

Certified Divorce & Family Mediator

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I engaged in the first part of mediation training at the renowned Ackerman Institute in New York City and completed my advanced divorce and family mediation training at Quinnipiac University Law School in Connecticut.  As a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator, I work as a guide/arbiter with families in conflict to resolve issues of concern and with divorcing couples as a "divorce couch" to facilitate the myriad issues that come up between divorcing spouses. 

I provide couples and families in crisis, faced with separation and divorce, the ability to engage in meaningful and productive conversations regarding next steps in separation. I help couples accept and move forward during this difficult period providing boundaries and parameters that help to stabilize and regulate the family. I provide extensive Co-parenting training and solutions (when appropriate) insuring that our children are always at the forefront of our decisions. 

My comprehensive mediation training has provided me with the skills, strategies and tools needed to be effective in working with couples and families in conflict.  To work with a skilled negotiator who listens deeply and can interpret hidden wants and desires and convey them in an understandable fashion creates the safe environment to get to a negotiated, mutually beneficial space.