Individual Psychotherapy

One of the most important parts of my work as a Licensed Psychotherapist is with individuals. 

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Individual folks come to psychotherapy with an issue or problem that they are struggling with. It might be negative thinking and rumination, anxiety or depression, life stress, job dissatisfaction, relationship issues with a partner, sibling or coworker. It could be grief and loss or some difficult, major life transition. The reasons are myriad. I try to deeply understand the problem and the inner workings of it and together we utilize tools and techniques to change the dynamics and alter behaviors. We need to really understand the impact that our behaviors have on keeping us stuck and to be open and willing to experiment with change. We assess each week what was different -- how that alteration in behavior felt and we adjust and practice -- until you feel good about where you are and how you are approaching the issue/problem.

My work focuses on utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused individual therapy and solution focused therapy. I use elements of DBT and mindfulness. I teach relaxation techniques and I am big on breath work. As I have said somewhere on this site before -- I use what works -- carefully and mindfully -- tailoring our approach to YOU and what works for you.

Together we craft a response, a reaction, a positive behavioral repertoire and utilize tools that put YOU in control and get you out of a stuck mode to a place of freedom and fulfillment. That's our goal.