• Jayne helped my wife and I at the absolute darkest hour in our relationship. I really thought we were headed for certain divorce but Jayne showed us the negative patterns in our relationship, how to release our resentments and how to love one another again. It was nothing short of miraculous!

    - Paul L
  • "All we did was bicker 24/7. Very, very unhappy. Saw no way out. Stuck in an unhappy marriage. Working with Jayne,  a path to happiness was revealed. It was a long, difficult and sometimes painful journey, but so worth it."

    - Stuart K
  • My anxiety was ruining my life and my relationships. My life was getting smaller and smaller and I couldn’t stop the negative thoughts. It was really hard to change a tough road but with Jayne's constant guidance,  I was able to challenge my fears and begin to fully live my life. 

    - Abby B
  • With kids, work, parents, financial concerns etc,  my husband and I had lost sight of each other. We became bad roommates. We found our way to love and passion with Jaynes help. She’s worth every penny. My only regret is we didn't go to see her sooner.

    - Laura I
  • We had never heard of Discernment Counseling before but our relationship was so damaged that we needed a different kind of “therapy." Discernment Counseling allowed us both to look inwards and take responsibility for our actions and decide to work on the problems in the relationship. Don't think we would have made it without Jayne's expertise. Bless you!!

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    - Dave and Liz
  • Stress was overwhelming me. I reached out for help finally. I found an understanding, patient, smart therapist who deeply cared about me and helped me to reorder my life — to take care of myself and reprioritize the things that are important to me.

    - .Neil G