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“Working with Jayne has changed my life! She is so easy to talk to and I never feel judged.  I was literally an empty shell.  I was so unhappy with myself, my relationships, my place in life. I was filled with negativity and self doubt. I had terrible, consuming anxiety. Working with Jayne under her guidance and with her support, I am slowly making changes and feel a pride in myself that I haven't felt in years."

Ricki K

Meet Jayne Gottschalk
People come to therapy for help – generally with problems that they have tried to fix themselves in hundreds of different ways. But for some reason they cannot seem to make a change. They are frustrated and exhausted and sometimes feel hopeless and lost.

For many coming to therapy is a cathartic experience, a way of venting and letting it all out – it feels good to not have to hide – to be your true self. Some are initially embarrassed – but they lose that pretty quickly and become invested in the process.

My “method” of therapy is eclectic and collaborative. Some therapists cling to a model and use it exclusively. Not me. My way is more about matching my method and model to the particular client in the particular situation. I have been formally trained as a structural/strategic family therapist but I ascribe to solution focused therapy. I have advanced training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) a modality that has been demonstrated to help 70% of couples in distress. There are times that I use lots of mindfulness techniques, positivity and focus on client self-care. Sometimes I’ll use one technique. At other times I’ll use them all, and more. The point is: I use what generates change

My focus is on improving my patients’ presenting problems. My goal is to see change and forward movement. I don’t want to sit with my patients for the next decade talking about the same things again and again, and I don’t think they want that either. They want to feel better!

I am licensed in New York, Florida and Connecticut and eager to meet you and get started working together!

"The happiest day for me is when my patients discharge a more stable, brighter, happier and healthier individual, couple or family. There isn’t a better feeling in the world!”
Jayne Gottschalk is verified by Psychology Today.

Jayne Gottschalk is an AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor. 
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